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We place experience at the forefront of everything we do.

Applause Digital is an independent augmented reality, digital and creative agency devoted to crafting the finest digital experiences for businesses and brands.

We can help you better connect, educate and visualise information through technology driven experiences.

Our team is passionate about innovation, brilliant ideas and a seamless delivery process that brings it all together to create amazing real-time user experiences.

If you are too, we’d love to hear from you.

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Applause Digital designs and develops apps for Apple and GooglePlay app stores

Augmented Reality.

Applause Digital is an experienced augmented reality (AR) development and publishing partner who has the expertise to help business improve productivity and engagement through augmented, mixed and virtual reality experiences.

Key benefits of augmented reality.

  • Generate revenue opportunities
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve the buying process or learning experience
  • Enhance the understanding of products and services in a digital manner
  • Improve productivity
  • Redefine education and training both onsite and offsite
  • AR provides scenario training and testing opportunities
  • Reduces risk
  • Greater visualisation tools
  • Lower-cost MVP opportunities
  • Leverage existing content and marketing to greatly improve ROI
  • AR content can be repurposed for mixed (MR) and virtual reality (VR) environments and apps


Why Applause Digital AR?

Our team is at the forefront of producing purpose-built, interactive and engaging Augmented (AR), Mixed (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions for business and brand activations, marketing campaigns, educational products and training, events and promotions, built environment applications, architecture visualisation, FMCG and telecommunications.

Applause Digital combines augmented reality (AR) with real-world and computer-generated data including video, audio, 3D, animation, location-based services, published content and real-time data information retrieval to a whole new level.

All the hard parts of implementing augmented reality solved.


The team at Applause Digital has a solid track record of partnering with businesses to plan and conceptualize a range of digital AR / MR / VR experiences across a variety of subjects. We can help you leverage existing ideas or aid in producing completely new content or digital assets from scratch to meet your end goals.


The types of augmented reality experiences are rapidly expanding with new options available almost daily. Some of our standard features include video holograms, immersive 360 photo or video, 2D/3D animation, AR video, object recognition, marker-less experiences, interactive maps, call-2-actions, social sharing and fully customizable app user interface (UI).

These smart features provide you the competitive edge in regards to quickly getting you app into the market as well as cost saving when compared to developing an app from scratch.


With a host of fully customisable and pre-built user experiences already available in our AR delivery and publishing pipeline we can not only help reduce costs to implement your own branded AR app but have you uploading, testing and publishing AR experiences to world-wide audiences in a matter minutes. ( Does in as little as 5 mins sound good? ) via a On a secure content manager and AR experience platform directly to your very own white labeled mobile application.


Augmented reality projects we specialise in.

Augmented Reality Event Activations

Add a new and discoverable element to your next event by including augmented reality or mixed reality experience. With an extensive track record in successfully producing event creative for conferences, PR marketing and launch events, Applause Digital is the perfect partnership to help you conceptualize through to rolling-out your next launch, trade show or product activation.

Leverage your marketing touch-points and turn your printed signage into engagement pieces before, during and post event by letting your audience engage with your offering through AR technology.

Augmented Reality Sales, Marketing and Promotions

Applause Digital can help you design, build and deliver augmented reality marketing promotions that will help drive your marketing campaign strategy further. Users will be able to better visualise your products and services, increase engagement with your customers and help increase brand recall of your products and services.

Augmented Reality in Publishing

Publishing with the inclusion of augmented reality and/or mixed reality continues to open up new areas of discovery and storytelling across all ages. Transforming children’s books into an immersive fun experience, training manuals into visual reference guides that dramatically improve work force productivity or help students break down the complexity of different subjects.

The team at Applause Digital partners with a host of industries and Government agencies to help scope, develop and deliver new and exciting augmented reality publishing experiences and opportunities for your audience to enjoy and learn from.

Augmented Reality in Education, Guidance and Training Industries

Our team partners with educators and trainers to outline, create and publish essential augmented reality education and training products.

Applause Digital has experience working with the Australian Curriculum to produce AR experiences and associated lesson plans. By incorporating AR, MR or VR into your lesson planning and other training publications you can engage students by overlaying augmented reality visualisations, animation and important content to guide the user through different tasks.

We can help you create immersive content or implement existing assets easily into our platform. Creating time and cost efficiencies across most education and training needs adding a whole new perspective to learning across K-12, University, Government and Corporate.

  • Trainees with little or no experience could perform a tasks correctly the first time increased by 90%
  • AR dramatically reduces errors by 30%
  • Increases productivity by +32%
  • Reduces the time to complete tasks by -25%
  • Better engagement with realistic environments
  • AR allows you to visualize and animate complex products
  • Scenario testing and new virtual training environments
  • Collaborative learning and engagement
  • AR tech is providing dramatic cost savings through efficiencies in AR/VR training programs
  • Ability to update content quickly and efficiently to suit changes in the learning path and outcomes
Augmented Reality in the Construction, Building and Project Management Industries
  • We can help you visualise 3D information like plans, surveys, designs and architectures by overlaying them on-site at any location, at 1:1 scale in the real-world environment.
  • Allowing planners, designers and project managers an unprecedented ability to preview how a given project is going to integrate with the environment.
  • Providing businesses the ability to visualize and animate complex products anywhere, anytime so that your audience can better understand the planning process.
  • Provides quick analysis in the real world environment.
Augmented Reality in Built Environment and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Mixed and augmented reality can be used to simulate and plan mixed use, inclusive developments, where people can satisfy their everyday needs with or without the need to travel
  • This can easily be applied to other industries such as retail, construction, residential building, medical and so on
  • Augmented Reality allows you to visualize and animate complex products anywhere, anytime so that your audience can better understand your communication
Augmented Reality in Business and Customised Applications

Create customer focused opportunities with an AR difference. Build recall or offer your clients or staff useful information on a regular basis with augmented reality solutions by Applause Digital. Every business is different so we aim to help you seek new opportunities across your business to help support efficiencies and engagement.

Contact our team to organise a demonstration or discuss any ideas that you may like to involved AR technology.

Ideation to development, Applause Digital offers end-to-end Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions tailored for your needs, delivered to your very own white labeled mobile application.

Creative Production for Immersive Content

Increasing workforce productivity by 32%

Mind-blowing stats about Augmented Reality

Reducing the time needed to complete tasks

Mind-blowing stats about Augmented Reality

30% reduction in mistakes during work activities

Mind-blowing stats about Augmented Reality

Trainees with little or no experience could perform a tasks correctly the first time increased by 90%

Mind-blowing stats about Augmented Reality

AR can replace physical controls— such as buttons, knobs, and built-in touchscreens—with virtual ones that are visually superimposed on the target. You can operate a power unit that drives a robotic arm in this AR experience.

Harvard Business Review

AR can replace hard-to-understand 2-D instructions, such as those for a repair process in a manual, with interactive 3-D holograms that walk the user through each step. This AR shows how to replace a power-unit filter.

Harvard Business Review

AR can reveal features or systems that would be difficult to see with the naked eye. Here, it exposes the internal components of a hydraulic power unit and provides data on their status.

Harvard Business Review

Want to learn more about this augmented reality we speak of?

Transform your business with Applause Digital and discover how you can successfully design, publish and implement Augmented Reality into your daily marketing, education, training and your daily business needs.